Monday, August 23, 2010

Where The Waving Wheat Can Sure Smell Sweet

This past weekend we headed to our annual OU President's Community Scholars retreat. PCS is a presidential scholarship given to 100 of our most outstanding freshmen young men and women in the Sooner Family. I have been blessed with this amazing opportunity to be their staff adviser. It is one of the BEST parts of my job. I always wanted to be an event planner, teacher, and mom. Well I get to have all three dreams in ONE job! I am a mom to 100 students, plan their meetings and retreats, and teach life lessons throughout the year. God always makes our dreams bigger...if we let him! "Let go and let God"....Scott often says!
These students are dedicated, passionate, and life changers. They are inspiring to be around. This is one of the fun team-work activities they did on the low ropes course. They dedicate their time to making a difference in the lives of others.
The first night we wanted to pay tribute to OKLAHOMA. We said "Howdy" to our PCS students. So what better way than have a WESTERN party? Ashley and Alex (our student advisers) are in the picture above.
My parents always encouraged me to surround myself with people that were more talented than me, more dedicated, hard working, and inspirational. If you are accompanied by individuals that don't push will never learn and grow. Each staff member in the SOONER family inspires me to be a better person. They challenge me to work harder and make things better. How blessed am I to work with such wonderful people. YE HAW!
I found my favorite cowgirl Cait!
Allison is one of my dearest and most thoughtful friends I know. I love her and her little boy Trip very much. I was blessed she was able to be there and away from A. for one night!
Brynn and I making our OU boot debut! They were a hit. B is from my husbands hometown and should be a model in New York!
My friend, mentor, and boss...Becky! She is the most incredible mom, wife, sister, daughter, and friend. Her creativity, work ethic, and sweetness is a measure of God's grace. I don't know how I got so lucky to get the world's BEST BOSS.
Here is Ash and Alex debuting our unique PCS banner. We have worked on PCS branding ALL summer. This poster was designed by my talented and dear friend Michael. Cheers to a great start to the year and to a phenomenal PCS class.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Karen and the City

In high school and college I nannied for a few families in my hometown. Who would have known the impact the Smith family would have on my life...and that the mom, Karen, would become one of my dearest friends!

Karen is one of the most generous people I know. She is such a wonderful mom, loving wife, and great companion. She has impeccable taste. Her home and wardrobe choices could be in Vogue. This past weekend we were each others dates to a local wedding. We had too much fun catching up on life and chatting about dreams of the future. I am truly blessed to know her. I look forward to many more nights with "Karen and the City."

Lets Go Fly A Kite Up To It's Highest Height

"Someday I want to go to OU and join a sorority." Today my sweet and dear friend Caitlin finished the RUSH race. Mom and Donna came to Norman to enjoy Bid Day. We celebrated lunch at the cute cafe Fancy That with my beautiful mom, Donna, and Cait's roomie Niki. Before they found out their fate....we enjoyed yummy cake balls and refreshing iced tea. Before we knew it, Cait called with the exciting news....
Caitlin's new home...Kappa Alpha Theta! Around 2:00 p.m. Cait text us "Theta! Theta! Theta!" We headed to the house with excitement. Since it was raining we found the nearest tree to stand under as we rejoiced in her news. My mom, Donna, and I cried and laughed for our sweet Caitlin.
Jess, Niki, Cait, and I kiting our little sisters! We couldn't help ourselves...
This is shortly after we found Cait in a massive crowd. We couldn't help but yell her name and run toward her! Did I mention how hot/humid it was?
Cait and her new pledge classs waiting to take pictures on the lawn. She is a cute little kite!
Two of my favorite students at OU, Sarah and Azure. They are such uplifting, positive, and loving girls. I am blessed and lucky to have them in my life. Now Cait will get to enjoy their company too!

I saved this picture (the best) for last. This moment sums up the day, the week; okay a lifetime. As a former Panhellenic president and member of Alpha Chi Omega, I understand the bonds of sisterhood. How special to share this with your daughter and best friend. This was shortly after we yelled "Caitlin" and she ran towards us. I will never forget this day and this particular moment. Congrats to Cait! I love you. Thanks for letting me share in such a special time in your life.

Monday, August 9, 2010


This past weekend we went to Grand Lake and stayed on Monkey Island. What a great summer get-away. Ali, Bitty's sister and my dear friend, is getting married this fall. We wanted to spend the weekend celebrating Ali!
The theme was "We could have brought something borrowed, or bought something new, perhaps pack something old, but we are going with all things blue." As you can see we painted the town blue in our attire too!
The cute bride to be with Bit and I before dinner at Shebangs. I am sad I did not get a group picture of everyone, however, who could forget our friend Glenda?

Upon arrival, Bitty had everything set up and ready for the BLUE reveal. The house was decorated precious with hints of blue everywhere. The lake house was a perfect location. I can see many more trips to MI!
Bitty made little washcloth cupcakes, blue beach towels, mixed CD's, and blue inspired gifts such as chap stick, sunscreen and thoughtful things to use throughout the weekend.

As you can tell, there was plenty of food and decor to play off the theme. By the time we laid by the pool, watched Sex and the City, played Movie Scene It, and made a toast to Ali...the weekend was over. Cheers to a GRAND weekend.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Bitty Bitty Bon Bon

I have had the same best friend since the first grade. I still remember bringing the Walt Disney Movie Aladdin soundtrack to Lindsay's house for her February birthday slumber party in the second grade. We stayed up all night choreographing to "Friend Like Me." I used to call her "Linny Minny Sinny Sue" well that lasted only a few years because it was too long. In high school I would call her "itty bitty tiny." Well Bitty just stuck. She is so small and cute! Now Scott calls her "Bitty Bitty Bon Bon" so sometimes she gets called "Bon Bon" around our home! We have seen each other at our very best and our not so good days. Regardless, we love one another for exactly who we are. That is all we could ever ask for in a friend. She is one of the best most gracious people I know. She is an awesome mom to Bennett and Caleb.

For some reason, when we get together, we love to bake. We both have a huge sweet tooth! This past Friday night we made some delicious goodies accompanied with chocolate milk...yummy! Her youngest son was there to help. Cheers to good treats and chocolate milk. Some things never change, and I hope they never will.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Red, White, and Blue

This summer our cousin Rob was honored and promoted to General in the United States Air Force. We were truly honored to be a part of such a prestigious ceremony. That evening made me realize the importance of telling those you love how you feel. The room was full of Rob's favorite people. His little league coach, his wife, two girls, college friends, law professors; the list goes on. He took time to look at those around him and let them know what an inspiration they had been in his life. In return former bosses and colleagues were able to tell Rob what a difference he had made in their careers and what a role model he had been . One of his supervisors read an evaluation written about Rob from a former boss. I can't remember exactly what the words said, but I remember how they made me feel. What in the world would be said or written about me? I wish we all took more time for celebrations such as these; to inspire each of us to be harder workers, better spouses, and incredibly passionate about life. After the ceremony we celebrated at the Gaillardia Country Club in Oklahoma City. What a perfect summer night. Congrats Redwine family! And congrats to Rob for taking time to tell those he loves...exactly what they mean and not waiting for...someday!

Under the Tucson Sky

Even though I took years to create a blog, I have decided it will be perfectly fine to write about some highlights along the way (even though they aren't exactly recent). Scott and I stayed 5 days in Tucson, Arizona in March this past year. It was a great get-away. Scott was there for work, and I was there to relax. What an amazing city and resort. I was completely unaware of the sky in Arizona. If you have never checked it out...make it your SOMEDAY. Since it is a desert sky, and there are minimal lights from the city; star gazing is a prime hobby for residents. The largest laboratory of telescopes is housed in Arizona, and we were lucky enough to view planets like Saturn and other star clusters millions of light years away. It sounds nerdy, but we enjoyed every second. We also ate dinner at a ranch where we were able to ride horses. Mine was named Chief and Scott's was named Buddy. Most days were spent poolside and the nights were filled with great company. Cheers to the JW Marriot and wishing upon all those beautiful stars.

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