Friday, January 14, 2011

Happiest New Year & Merriest Christmas

I have to admit, I was horrible with my camera over the Holidays. I completely forgot to take pictures on Christmas morning, night, and New Years Eve. To be honest, sometimes I am in the moment treasuring the people around me, I forget to pause and take snapshots of moments. Scott is great at pausing and making sure we are taking pictures! I am glad he is around.

This Christmas ranks at the top of my 27 before it. I am pretty sure it's because age offers you many gifts including wisdom and experience. I now know Christmas is so much more than what we are getting one another. It's about walking in our home (the same one we have grown up in) and smelling candles, warm rolls baking in the oven, and greeted with hugs and kisses from mom and dad. It's about sitting around the bar/island and laughing and eating mom's famous queso. Later that evening going to church, sing "Silent Night," then head home to mom's delicious potato soup and butter rolls. Traditionally we head over to the Rother's for some bubbly, M&M's, and Caitlin's yummy dessert. After exchanging gifts and lots of laughs we head back home to our snuggling pj's and watch what else but "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation." No matter how old we are, I don't think we can get enough of Clark, Cousin Eddie, and Aunt Bethany. We still giggle just as loud as the very first time we watched it.

The next morning we wake up to morning casserole that was prepared the night before by mom. Then we open presents. Grandpa normally heads over about this time to exchange with us. Scott and I gather everything and start loading up and head to Piedmont to the Dawkins' Family Christmas. We are greeted with warm hellos and five little children running up and giving us big hugs. After a yummy dinner we let the kids have Christmas followed by the adults. It is typically after 10:00 p.m. once we wrap everything up.I typically can never make it all the way back to Norman without falling asleep.

Christmas offers so much joy and love. It's about a family 2,000 years ago listening directly to God's plan and following his commands not exactly knowing where it would lead. By his grace and goodness, a son was born. A perfect baby came into this world offering us freedom and forgiveness. What true and beautiful blessings he has given us.

Unlike Christmas, Scott and I don't necessarily have New Year's Eve traditions. Each year varies but continues to be fun. Our favorite thing to do is head to an early movie, fun dinner, and count down the seconds with our beloved Bernie. New Year's Eve is one of Bern's favorite holidays because he is allowed to jump all over the place at mid-night. (Who are we kidding...he jumps all the time). 

This year was extremely special. A group of us headed down the the Paseo Art District in Oklahoma City. The restaurant didn't take reservations, so we knew we were in for a LONG New Year's wait. However, the stars aligned and saved us a cozy large table in the corner...the perfect amount of seats for all. The night led to lots of laughter and fun memories. Scott and I are still talking about what a delight we had. Perhaps this will be our new tradition!

We can't begin to tell you our excitement and joy for the great things that will happen in 2011. We know God always finishes what he starts. There are still many gifts, people, and experiences left to enjoy. We look forward to spending time with our amazing families, awesome friends, and each other. Cheers to a happy and healthy new year. There will be lots of "somedays" here we come!

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