Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The City That Never Sleeps

It was our very last day and uptown was calling our names. We wanted to venture to all facets of the city, so this would be our final ride through the town.
The Dakota building is pictured above. This building is one of the greats of New York. Not just because it will not only be remembered as John Lennon's home, but the grandeur it represents on central park west.
Couldn't help but snap the picture above my sweet husband. He loves Seinfeld and this is where he resides.
Saint John the Divine's church is spectacular. There is a famous statue outside where the angel is fighting evil. This church is stunning.
We made a quick stop once we arrived to Central Park East. I was admiring the view and happened to look up at the trees.
It has always been a "someday" of mine to see the beginning of fall in the city. Well I got my wish. The leaves had truly started to fall, and the wind got a little brisk. It was officially autumn in the city.
We ate an early lunch at the famous Stardust Diner. This is where the staff sings as you eat. It was a fun stop. Not to mention the talent!
We wanted to try a different museum experience this time. We found this treasure. Discovery at Times Square is remarkable.
Took these quick pics in between exhibits.

And we made our way to the official Paris Baguette grand opening. Couldn't help but love sitting in the window people watching enjoying a fruit tart.
Ran into this gem on the way back through Times Square. He is working his way through Real Estate school in NY. We had the best conversation with him. Oh and a little banter of course!
So once we got back to the hotel we noticed a slight change of weather. Since we are from Oklahoma we didn't take the dark clouds too serious. However, New Yorkers are used to being in a tornado watch. Our sweet friends Koby and Sarah were at the airport when they realized their flight was going to be almost 6 hours delayed. Only in the city can you pull off last minute tickets to Newsies for 4 and Times Square hotel an hour and a half prior to the show. We did it! And it was worth it. So glad these two came back to Manhattan for an unforgettable night.
It was picture perfect! We were able to meet the lead role Jack Kelly. Koby was friends with him through their Disney internship. He was such a down to earth guy. We chatted with him asking him all sorts of questions including what his schedule each week was. I was star struck.

His face was all over in advertisments. Couldn't help but take this picture.
We went to a famous pizzeria in Hell's Kitchen close to Restaurant Row. It was delicious. This is where Elaine told her famous celebrity stories and such. It was an unforgettable night.
What a true adventure to have with my sweet mom. I have a feeling this will always be "our city." Even though we will venture to new ones; New York will always be our first love. We hope Chicago is our next spot. We will see how Chi-Town treats us.

For MAJ...you are such a special and significant person in my life. How can I ever begin to thank you for all you have done and all you will do? Not only for me but my handsome husband and joyful Izabelle. You have beautiful qualities I hope shine on in generations to come. I am grateful you were a mom to me growing up versus the luxury of your friendship. You see, because you raised me instead of being my friend first I now know how things might have turned out. Your friendship and guidance mean the world to me now. My favorite thing about us is our giggles. I love to laugh with you. Cheers to you! I am forever grateful. I truly relish in the moment due to your significant LOVE and grace.

Cheers to you New York. Until we meet again!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Day III In The City

By the third day we knew we would have to get up early to get on the bus. So we did. Good morning New York! After a quick coffee we rushed to the downtown tour. We had the best time.

Ad we were riding along enjoying the history of the city, I couldn't help but snap a picture of our last hotel home. What a dream it was to stay at the Waldorf last time. Cheers!
As we approached Central Park South we got off. We went to a magnificent restaurant called Sarabeth's. Not only chic but really good food. I had pankcakes and sausage. I ate every bite. Elle and Matthew joined us. We had the best conversation about Cape Cod, East coast living, and traditional yet charming Elaine stories.
Columbus Circle was a great destination to tell Matthew Ciao! After we said goodbye we went on our way for a fun girls afternoon.

While walking through the upper west side, I couldn't help admire the architecture.
We headed to the American History Museum. We loved walking around and admiring the different cultures in each section.

Off to Shake Shack. Count me in for late afternoon ice cream.
We decided to keep going that evening. We boarded the bus for a night tour over the bridge and to Brooklyn. I have never been to the burrows of the city. We loved and admired the city at night from the top!

As we journeyed we checked this little place out that was having it's grand opening the next day. We knew we had to come back!

And somedays...you have to end the day with extra hot pizza. This little place right down the street from our hotel stole our hearts. The men who owned it were from Italy. It was great food and awesome service. Wished we would have eaten there one more time.

We had one more day to conquer the city. I always get sad the last day I am on vacation. Not because I don't want to go home, but the reality of "life" coming back. I view vacations as wonderlands. A place to get away from the trueness of our everyday lives. The bills, the housework, the stress. It is an escape! I treasured the time with my mom and friends. Didn't want it to end. But every ending is the beginning of something new.

These Little Town Blues...Are Melting Away

When I was in choir in middle school we sang Frank Sinatra's  "New York New York." I always loved the part when it spoke about the little town blues melting away. Being from a small town in the Midwest I could relate whole heartedly to wanting to "be a part of it...in 'ol New York." The next morning we awoke ready for our downtown double decker bus tour. Well if you are going to the big apple you have to be prepared for plans to not always work the way you thought they would. When we arrived at the busses we realized an hour wait just wouldn't do. Off to Top of the Rock!
Last time we didn't do TOR or Empire State. So this time it was on our list. And we are so glad it was!


We headed down the street to meet up with our pals from Oklahoma! My dear friends Sarah and Koby happened to be in the city at the exact same time (not planned at all). We met up to go see the production of Once. Wow! It was incredible.
Then we headed to get our OU gear on and eat some yummy dinner prior to the game. Elle brought us to some of the best Mexican food ever on the Lower East Side.
Cheers to a great night ahead!
We then headed to Madhatter Bar near Murray Hill to watch the game. NY does a great job with OU alumni. They pick a different bar each year. Then they open it to fans each and every game. We had so much fun seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Go OU!

One of my "someday" wishes was to be at a table with Elle and Sarah at the same time. They are such LIGHTS in my life and true characters out of a movie. They both make me laugh all the time. I knew it would be a hit...and it was!

Since it was Sarah's birthday weekend we had to treat her to yummy cupcakes at my favorite stop in all of NY...Magnolia Bakery. Since the midtown location was closer to our hotel, we brought them for a quick treat. Sarah forgot she was not in Norman anymore. She might have laid her purse on the sidewalk for a quick pic. See what I mean! Characters from a movie!

Meanwhile my sweet love bug was at home with her dad! He spoiled her while mom was away. As you can see here she was able to watch Mickey Mouse in our bed while sipping on smoothies. Oh the life!

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