Friday, February 17, 2012

XOXO from Izzy J

Valentines Day was a special time this year with our little princess. We went to Lake Hefner for the 6th year in a row. This year was extra special since we had another Valentine to share it with. XOXO from Izzy J.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

I'm 6 Months Old

In true Alice and Wonderland fashion, it's your very very unbirthday! Happy half birthday sweet girl. As always, you are the sweetest, happiest, and silly girl we know. You are making us smile and laugh more as each day passes by.

You are starting to scrunch you little nose and breathe in and out until it makes us laugh. You also enjoy your brand new toy this month...your bouncy zoo. Not to mention your crawl ball and turtle Tingie and Grandpa Bob got you.

You just started wearing size 3 diapers today, eat squash and sweet potato, drink 4 to 6 ounces of milk, roll from front to back, then back to front, and are sitting by yourself. We like to sit close by just in case.

You are wearing size 6-9 months clothes...but still fit in all your 3-6 month pj's but not for long.

You love Bernie and laugh with each appearance he makes. In the morning and after nap time you just talk to let us know you are up, then greet us by peaking over the edge of the crib accompanied with a large smile.

We adore you little angel. Happy half birthday to you! This day 6 months from will be one year! Time flies by when you are having fun. Well we must be having a ball.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mom's Mentor Moments

Izzy, my full intention to have this blog is for you and our family. I want to take time every once and awhile to write a few things down I think are of high importance. We will continue to learn and grow with these lessons as time goes along, however, I want to lay a foundation now so we can get started early. 

So here is my mommy mentor moment number 1...sister, you need great girlfriends. Not the kind that make you feel sub-par, mediocre, or drained. Uh-huh, learn to say "no thank you" to those kind of people. I am talking about the kind of girls who are Godly women. The kind that pick you up, pour positivity into your life so abundantly it flows over your cup. Find generous, humble, sweet, happy-go lucky, sassy, full of fruits of the spirit kind of friends. The kind that leave you better without even trying. The kind that motivate you to keep the world a beautiful place.

I feel God has led me to these kinds of women. Girlfirends who are creative, wonderful wives, loving mom's, generous, kind, and full of joy. You see, they are examples to me without even knowing it! The best part about them...they let me graciously be myself. I never try to be anyone else but me around them.

I pray you will find wise,strong and spiritual women as friends; but the most important part of my prayer are a friend. You see, to have friends, you first have to be a friend. You need to pour as much thoughtfulness as you can into those who surround you as much as possible. Be a shining light to everyone. Be kind, loving, and always put your best foot forward. You will be shocked the kind of people God sends your way.

Bottom line, you need great women in your life for mentorship, guidance, love, and above all else...FUN. The kind of fun that makes you sing out loud to Justin Beiber as you drive to Sonic on a sunny day.

Love you,

Morning Glory

Can you imagine being greeted with this shining face each morning and after nap times! Izzy you are so excited to see us after each awaking (and we can't wait to see you too). I really enjoy opening the door and seeing your sweet head popping over the top of your crib. You warm our hearts pretty pretty princess!

Popcorn and Pinterest

It wouldn't be Christmas break without the Rother girls coming to town. Cait and Car always make a normal ho-hum weekend into a spectacular one! A couple weeks ago the girls came for shopping, eating, and lounging. We even went to the movies with Scott! Before we watched War Horse we decided to go visit our virtual lives on the world wide web and find a fun recipe to make.

Carley and I have LOVE a new site/application called Pinterest. It is basically the best invention to date. I feel organized and creative after/before/during my browsing on this site.

We came upon a popcorn-snack that we had to try for ourselves. We popped popcorn, melted white chocolate, poured it on top of the warm popcorn, stirred, then added a bag of M&M's. Tell me that doesn't sound yummy. We snuck it in Cait's MK bag (there was plenty of room...I love that bag) and ate it in the movies.

What a great weekend with C&C. We love those girls so much. Izzy enjoyed her first adventure with them too. Cheers to you and having our "someday we will include IJD on our girls weekend....someday."

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