Monday, October 22, 2012

Oh Happy Day

What makes a day great? How about spending 24 hours with Lauren! My sweet friend from Houston came down a few weeks ago. I look forward to September each year because I know her annual trip is coming around the corner. We had the best time. Now we have even more to chat about since we have "mom" stories. I know Lauren is the type of friend who will be in my life always. Making days GREAT. 
 What makes a day great? How about being with two of your favorite friends while meeting Giulana Ransic.
What makes a great day? How about a Caribbean sunset in Cancun for your 30th birthday present.


 With your sweet husband.
What makes a day great? Seeing your sweet little one make a "fishy face" at the park. 

A great day might include doing a fun Oklahoma E! news correspondence for Giulana and Ryan Seacrest. 

 A great day includes coming up with fun topics when meeting Mrs Ransic. "I have decided why you should have me as your Oklahoma corespondent..."

A great day ALWAYS includes knowing God is good all the time....and an awesome day remains...and all the time he is good! 

Shiny Stars

 Izzy, friends are like shiny stars. They twinkle bright in your life. They make each day happier than the last. They literally will push you on your power wheel because you don't quite understand how to push the button.
Your good pals Harper and Owen are both great examples of the good friends you have made. You love sharing their toys. But your favorite aren't their fancy power toys. I am sorry to say Cinderella, the toy you go to every time is their play vacuum and broom! 

 Mommy also brings you to a fun play group on Monday and Fridays. As you can see below you always liked to be dressed for the occasion!

Twinkle twinkle little I wonder what you are! I hope you always have special friendships and you are a GREAT friend to those who love you and need to be loved.

Go OU! Beat Texas!

 My parents recently asked me if  OU/TX is all it's hyped up to be. Why yes; yes it is. It is such a fun time, however, I have never experienced it as an "adult." To understand completely why I have not entered the promise land so willingly, you would have to join us for a Jacobson family Thanksgiving. That's where all our favorite stories are told. But for good humor I will put forward a small display of what I went through in the fall of 2004. LOST...and I am not speaking of the hit TV show. Me. Lost. At OU/TX. At the Texas State Fair. No cell reception. No problem right. When I go to my pre-planned group seat I will find my friends and family. Wrong. They grouped me wrong. LOST. At OU/TX. Rain. Pouring. Not to make the story any better or more entertaining. I was lost in the rain...say it with me "at OU/TX."
 Now you have a better idea of why I didn't want to head back to this game so fast. You will also appreciate how I made 2 different "lost" plans with my handsome husband. In case we got lost while standing at the fair. Meet at Big Tex's right hand (may he rest in peace). In case we got lost at the stadium meet at our gate 17.
 Last minute trip to Texas....priceless! Literally! We had the time of our lives. Everything worked out perfectly. Including running into our favorite friends Friday night. It brought back lots of college memories. I have never experienced this epic game without my friends Brandon, David, and Michael. Now I can honestly say I look forward to spending it with Scott for years to come.
I look forward to SOMEDAY taking our future family to this event. Tell the story of how I got lost as we head south on I35. As we cross the Red River our kids will yell simultaneously from the back seat yell where our "meeting spots" are in case we get separated. We will get Fletcher's corndogs together, eat cotton candy, then hit the rides. Yell "Texas Sucks" but only while we are at the game. No saying "sucks" once we leave the feild. Then do more rides, eat cinammon rolls, and laugh...and laugh...SOMEDAY.

Cheers to you really suck!

Sweet Pumpkin

 We have started a fun fall tradition. Caitlin and I pick a perfect autumn afternoon in Norman and head to the McFarland Pumpkin Patch with our sweet little Izzy J.
 We decided to go each year even when Izzy gets to college. Maybe then she won't think it's that cool anymore.
 This year Izzy wanted to be a little cupcake. So our Halloween would be extra sweet.
Izzy you make life so fun. Even on the simple make them signifigant. You make us laugh! We adore you little pumpkin. And thanks to your gal pal Cait for making the day extra special.

I always wanted to dress up my sweet little one and head to the nearest pumpkin patch and send out sweet Halloween cards to loved ones...SOMEDAY....

Fit For a Queen

 Happy Homecoming! Recently we went back to my hometown to watch our sweet Carley have a day fit for a queen. She was one of the young women chosen to be on homecoming court. It was such a special day. We wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Tingie and Grandpa Bob got Izzy a Little Tornado cheer uniform (just like Car's). We went to the parade to watch Carley wave as she rode on a convertible headed down Main Street. I will never forget Caitlin and her waving at me when it was my turn 10 years ago! What a fun afternoon and evening in our tiny town of Clinton. Carley you are our queen! We adore you. Congrats on such a special year so far.

14 Months with Izzy

You are 14 months old! Time has flown by so quickly because we are literally having the time of our lives. You are the most joyful little girl we have ever known. Some of your loves include shoes (you want your shoes on the moment you wake up), cheerios, our cell phones, outside, and Bernie.
 You eat breakfast right when you get up. You have lunch around noon then eat like a senior citizen for dinner right at 5:00 p.m. Macaroni is your favorite food. You enjoy rubbing food all in your hair and like the picture above...your face! You sign "please" and "all done."
 Guess what you finally said last week "mama." You now say it all day. Especially when you really want something. It absolutely melts my heart.
I mentioned you liked outside. What an understatement. You prefer outside at all times. In fact you would sleep in the front yard if we would let you. Speaking of getting your ZZZ's, you sleep so well. Your night time is 7:30 p.m. and you gladly welcome your routine of bath then bed. Don't forget your glass of chocolate milk before you hit the hay. Just like your mom!

You are in size 3 diapers, but you are moving up to 4 after this box of pampers is through. You wear size 12 month to 18 month clothes. Size 3 shoe. Love any blanket and rub it on your face and smile. Say "da da" the second you pop your head up in the morning. Love Baby Einstein videos. Squint your eyes at bright lights. Play "where's Izzy" with your hands. Hold up your hand to your ear on your pretend phone and say "hewwwwooo."

Even though I write down details that you might seem insignificant, they are the most important moments in my life. You see, in the years to come these memories might fade. What I am afraid of is the small things fading away for bigger moments. However, these special times will remain some of the best days of my life. Thanks sweet baby Belle for adding the MOST joyful moments to our lives.

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