Monday, October 18, 2010

Live On University

This past weekend was OU's Homecoming. Scott and I had so much fun. Friday night was the annual Homecoming Pep-Rally. Each year we go with full anticipation that we are going to see some sweet dances and admire the school spirit. Seeing that I love shows like "So You Think You Can Dance" and "Dancing With the Stars" Friday was a real treat. One of the best parts is seeing the students I love so much. The Delta Upsilon's know that I am a fan (seeing my brother Doug is an alumni). They let Scott and I "bill" with them! Go ducks!
Next stop, the Kappa Alpha Theta's. Somehow I got to have an honorary kite! I love these girls especially since Cait is a little Theta.
Saturday afternoon we met the Rother family at the Mont for some yummy lunch. We have not seen their sweet family in a month or so. It was great to have everyone is one spot to catch up with. Carley gave us all the Clinton High School news (since she is on the paper and all)! Here is a girls pic.
Scott and I enjoying our fun afternoon with one of our favorite families.
We are thrilled Cait is here enjoying being a Sooner. Now we have to work on her beautiful sister Car. Scott and I miss her like crazy. She is one of our favorite people!
Shortly after our Mont run, we headed to watch the parade, and enjoyed seeing everyone (including Doug and Sara) at their tailgate. We are excited to see the Rother's later this month. Rah Oklahoma! OKU!

Young Life

Our sweet friends Casey and Kristen invited us to a dinner last Thursday night in Norman. We learned about a program called Young Life. WOW! It is truly remarkable how dedicated and successful this program is. They touch lives beginning at the middle school level all through college ministries.
Here's the whole gang after dinner, comedy, and panels. It was such a remarkable event.
Sweet Kristen and our friend Tati. She married one of my closest guy friends since high school (pictured below). They are our fun neighbors!
Proctor is pictured above with my handsome husband. He means so much to Scott and I. We are blessed by their friendship. Thanks KP and Casey for a night of great fun and faithful fellowship.
As we were leaving Scott grabbed my hand and paused. He was shocked to see "THE" Jami Smith walk right in front of us. Jami is a famous worship leader with multiple CD's available. We were honored to talk to her. She was so kind and wonderful. You should check her out at God is good!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Big XII...Mighty VII

From New York to Norman...this week has been full of creativity! About a year ago one of my favorite colleagues Laura asked 7 other of my OU co-workers to serve on a Big XII committee. She hosted other institutions at an official conference here at OU. So we brainstormed for a year on table ideas, menu options, and themes. Ta Da! We put our dreams into realities.

Of course Oklahoma can't have a national conference without including Will Rogers. It was seen on everything over the week, including the menus (seen above)!

I took a picture of this burlap we put in the vase to cover the stems of these flowers (since they are synthetic). I think it makes the arrangement seem earthy.

All the flowers were floating in water. It adds a natural and clean characteristic to the arrangements and centerpieces.

Here is the one and only picture we took the whole week. This night was a French theme since the dinner took place in the Fred Jones Jr. Museum.

White and black was the overall color scheme. My friend Michale literally made the feather concotions. I am inpired by his creative genious.

The finale dinner took place at the Sam Noble museum where it was a loud and vibrant colorful theme. This 'peacock' number was again, put together by Michael.

Bright lenins and huge brass stars and Japanese lanterns accompanied and layered the tables in vibrant tapestry.

What a fun week! Putting all our creative minds together, we can accomplish a lot...or just another week at OU.

Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of

"Someday I want to go to New York with my mom." This past weekend my dream became a reality and my "someday" came true! We went to the Big Apple September 30th through October 4th. Each day was full of fun! This trip was possible and brought to you by my sweet and handsome husband. This was my birthday present! He sent me and my beautiful mom on my dream vacation.
Our mother-daughter trip was accompanied by my dear and beautiful friend Elle. She is by far one of my dearest companions. I am blessed by her friendship and everlasting zest for life. Elle was a bridesmaid in our wedding and someone I remain very close with. We were thrilled to spend our time with her in the Big Apple. This (picture above) was our first time to see one another since Christmas. She met us in the lobby of the Waldorf Astoria where we stayed in midtown Manhattan.

Shortly after we headed to the west village for an Italian dinner. Followed by what else? Yummy Magnolia Bakery cupcakes and ice cold milk. We strolled around the neighborhood while admiring Carrie Bradshaw's stoop and SJP's brownstone. I did not see her, but I am destined to meet the fabulous Sarah Jessica...someday.

First thing the next morning (followed by room service of course) we headed uptown to the upper east side to visit the MET. Accompanied by an audio tour, it was the perfect day inside while it sprinkled outside. Our favorite area was the mid-evil time era exhibit. We were in awe how huge the museum was.

Later that evening after dinner with Elle at Vintage on the west side, then we headed to the most outstanding, inventive, hilarious Broadway show "Promises, Promises" staring Kristen Chenowith and Sean Hayes. "I like your...ummm...coat?" "Thanks, it's owl!" Bravo cast...what a wonderful way to spend our second evening in NY.

The next morning we met Elle with our traveling Starbucks coffee and chocolate milk, at Columbus Circle. We entered the park and walked and walked. The weather was perfect. I loved looking at the park though my mom's eyes seeing this was her first time in NY. She was taken back by the beauty and the aesthetic. Only in New York would a folk dance be in progress as a marathon is taking place!

After eating brunch at the Boat House and walking from 60th street to 110th St., we went to The Plaza to enjoy yummy hot chocolate compliments of Elle. Next we headed to the OU/TX watch party at Overlook midtown. Boomer Sooner! I saw old college friends and cheered us to victory. As we headed to the production of "Mama Mia," Elle and my mom joyously sang "Boomer Sooner" as we walked the streets of Manhattan.

The next morning we ate at Pershing Square and headed to the Public Library and Bryant Park. Then to see the production "Billy Elliot."

Later we took the subway to SOHO to see Elle at Saja where she works on the weekends. It was a charming, chic, and sophisticated boutique. We journeyed a couple blocks to enjoy yummy pizza. We headed to Wall Street shortly after. Loved the Pier and the view of the Brooklyn Bridge!

Who says you can't have Magnolia twice in one trip? I had to have this as our last stop on our last day after visiting the upper west side. I took my my to my favorite diner in the city. It's where Scott and I ate numerous times when we celebrated our first anniversary trip in NY.

At the end of the day, every girl needs quality time with her mom. Maybe you'll spend your time discussing work, perhaps catching up on family, or maybe laugh about memories and moments. No matter what you do, your mom is there for you and loves you undconditionally. Thank God this for my mom! She is one of the most supportive, loving, generous people I know. I can't begin or conceptualize life without her. She is magnificant. I am proud and honored she is my mom. I love you Tingie! This trip is everything I could have dreamed, unless you wanted to head to "New Mexico baby!"

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