Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kamp Kari

Kamp Kari has been a tradition since I have been a Junior in college. Each summer two of our favorite girls head to Norman for a weekend of fun. We had to stay true to tradition and invite our sweet friends Caitlin and Carley to spend time with us. The weekend wouldn't go without watching Harry Potter (The Deathly Hallows I) the night before we made our grand debut at the Warren to watch the conclusion part II. We got tickets to see  the movie in 3D...and it was well worth the wait. Too many funny things happened to write them all down, however, we were captivated by the enthusiasm of the wardrobe choices by guests. Even people in their 40's jumped at the chance to put on their Hogwarts shirts.
We had so much fun! We even played virtual golf, ate amazing steak at The Ranch, ate lots of brownies, and spent time at church. WOW! What a fun weekend. We love Cait and  Car and can't wait to include Iz next year! Cheers to two of our absolute favorites. 

The Last Supper

When will the last time Scott and I will eat dinner just us two? When is the next time we will head to the movies without hiring a babysitter? When is the next time we will hop in the car and run errands, head to church, bring Bernie to the park, or go to the store...just the two of us? We started really zoning in on the idea we are getting to the end of our days as just a couple. We are about to add one of the most precious gifts in our lives. She is going to add more joy and love than we can ever imagine. We have had the most beautiful time together since winter of 2003. We were friends for years and started dating offically in 2004. After dating for 3 years, being engaged for 1, and married for 3...we decided it was the perfect time to  add to our family. We packed in more vacations than we can count, more movie dates than we can remember, and lots of one on one time with each other. We look forward to what is to come, but cherish these last few days with one another. I love you have been the PERFECT friend, mentor, husband, and love of my life. You continue to make me a better person each day. The way you treat others is something I admire each day. I continue to pray for our marriage and that we continue to put each other SECOND...God first, one another second, and Izzy (and Bernie) close behind. Cheers to our lives together and here is to becoming  "mom and dad" soon. We always wanted to be parents...SOMEDAY.

Izzy's Furniture

Picking Izabelle's furniture was a journey. Scott loved the idea of espresso furntiture when I dreamed in white to make the perfect nursery complete. As fate would have it, we turned the corner and saw this set. WOW! It was a perfect combination of both. It took us less than 30 seconds to know this was it. The bed converts to a toddler bed then a full. This could be her furniture until college!
Cheers to the genious who thought of this. Obviously it was a woman who's husband loved espresso, but she wanted white! I owe you BIG time. 

Happy Fathers Day

This year was a special Father's Day. My parents came to Norman to help put Izzy's furniture together. We celebrated with Gigi cupcakes. They are super yummy and are found in north OKC on May and Memorial. Bernie was very excited about giving his dad his card and gift from Izzy and him. Since she can't write yet, he wrote a card and signed it from them both.
I have been blessed beyond belief for my father and Scott. They are two special men in my life. Scott is going to be an amazing father to sweet Iz. He is already the #1 dad to Bern. As you can see the night ended with our normal ritual of loving on B before bed. Happy Father's Day 2011.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun...A Pink and Gold Summer

This past weekend was such a special one. I got to spend it with two of my favorite girls Bitty and Ali. They thought since Izzy is on her way, we needed one more girls get-away to celebrate her arrival that quickly approaches. Even though we are not related, they are truly sisters to me. We have seen each other through thick and thin, ups and downs, and are still by each others sides going through life together. We realized a long time ago, not one of us is perfect, but we can all support and love one another PERFECTLY.
The day started off with a much needed cut and color. I chopped 2 inches off! I think I am getting the "mommy cut" down. We headed to get our mani and pedi combos next. To our surprise, Mr. Dawkins aka my dreamboat called into the salon and took care of our bill. I don't know how I got so lucky! We were all thankful and took a much needed break as we ate yummy pretzels and cheese!
As always, we found lots to giggle about. There was a point I had to take a chance in getting my nails messed up to wipe the tears from laughter. I have so much fun with these two.
We headed to our favorite shops next.
And found some great deals on clothes, shampoo & conditioner, and cute clothes (did I already mention that) however, they were not for me...but a little girl who shall remain nameless!
Next we headed to one of the best Norman eateries...Benvenuti's. Our Italian dinner was delicious, not to mention our meaningful conversation. At the end of our meal our waitress brought out a beautiful cake with candles and Izzy's initials. It was of course strawberry...PINK! It was delicious not to mention thoughtful.
The girls showered IJD with gifts too. I will treasure them always. I can't begin to express how meaningful that day and evening was. They both worked so hard to make a special day for Iz and I. She can't wait to meet you SOMEDAY Al and Bit. I can't wait for her to see how generous, kind, and sweet you are. Cheers to you and your thoughtful day. I love you more than you know. Thanks for always being there for me. Can't wait for our next girls one! 

Emmy's Sip and See

A few weeks ago I went home to Clinton to spend some time with my family and see some sweet friends. I really treasured that drive to my hometown as I realized it would be my last time to drive those 83 miles by myself. I would be a mom next time I hit I-40 west bound. My first stop was to Karen's home. She spoiled Izzy and I with the most beautiful burp cloths all embroidered with different artwork on each one. It was so thoughtful and great to see her, her boys, and Ruthy! Next, my mom and I hit the town. It was fun shopping around Clinton and eating what else...Wong's for dinner. My mouth waters just thinking about their sweet and sour sauce! The Rother girls came over to end the evening with laughs and stories.

The next day Bitty, Ali, and I headed out to see our sweet friend Emberly and her new bundle of joy Liv Grace.
I have not seen Emmy since my wedding three years ago. It was wonderful to visit her in her parents new home. We all had so much fun catching up and talking "mommy" stuff. Her little angel was gorgeous. I was delighted to spend the afternoon with them.

Cheers to my amazing friends I have literally had since kindergarten! I had such a blessed weekend with my mom, the Rother girls, my dad, grandfather, and the Smith's. Next time I will see Red Tornado valley, I will be a mom.

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