Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thirty and Thriving

What would 30 be like SOMEDAY? Well I have to tell you...SUPER SPECIAL. What more can a girl ask for than great friends to celebrate with? My 30th birthday weekend was one to remember. My sweet mom hosted a women's brunch for me in Clinton. All my old school teachers, church friends, ya ya's, childhood friends, and co-workers celebrated in Clinton. My mother had a "KJ Museum" where she displayed all my ballet costumes from when I was 3 and up, cheer uniforms, prom dresses, yearbooks, pictures, and stories I had written. Thank you mom for an incredible morning with such wonderful women in my life.
To my surprise later that evening in Oklahoma City, Scott arranged a surprise party for me. Who knew? Literally! I had no idea. Best part? I had on a tshirt and gym shorts. What 30 year old walks into her party wearing "mom clothes!" ME! Who cares? It was the people I will remember most. Thank you Scott for bringing our family and friends all together in the same room for an awesome occasion.
My actual birthday was on a Tuesday. It was full of more love and sweet thoughts than I could ever dream. Jennifer Gardner once said in the movie 13 Going On 30..."I want to be 30, flirty, and thriving." I don't know about the "flirty" part, but I do hope my somedays are full of thriving forward. Really running to what matters. Our 20's are full of anticipation and hard work. We set ourselves up in those 10 years for the rest of our lives! I found my sweet soul mate, graduated college, got my Master's at OU, started a full time job I still have, had a baby, and made the most incredible friends and support system I could ask for. Whew! Makes me tired even thinking of those fun filled days. Would I change a thing? Not a chance! I love you roaring 20's but it's time for me to move on!
Here's to 30...and thriving! Cheers!

Sooner Bound

One day you might be a Sooner like mommy and daddy. So we will only have to wait 18 more years. In the you know who our next Sooner will be? That's right! One of your favorite pals Carley. We can't wait for her to be in Norman...SOMEDAY! 

 You have made such good friends with your pal Rileigh. You all play 2 to 3 times a week. She is an Ohio State fan hince her uniform. Don't worry...we will help her to the Sooner Magic side of things!
 Recently you and your pal Vanessa came to see Caitlin and I at work. She loves you so much. This week you said "ATE LIN" for the first time.
 A few Fridays ago we went to surprise Carley at a football game in Oklahoma City. Clinton won of course! And mission accomplished...Carley was shocked. Sarah and Caitlin are two of mommy's favorite people! What a fun evening of last minute Target visits! Who knew when we got to the field the temperature would drop 20 degrees?

You have so many gal pals sweet Izzy! Cheers to great girls in our lives!

Izzy=13 Months

Izabelle! You are almost walking! That's right. Just a few more days and you will be on your way to being completely mobile. 

 You love meal time. Even though you eat like a little bird, you still enjoy sitting down and getting messy. Your favorite things are cheerios, graham crackers, yogart, and chicken bites. Your drink of choice...chocolate milk. This is mom's fault! I drank 3 glasses a day when I was pregnant with you. Yummy!
 You are so joyful. I mean it...nothing gets you down. Except for the occassional sickness here and there. You are having fun no matter what you are doing. You are in size 3 diapers and size 12 clothes. It is going to be fall weather very soon. Can't wait for the cute sweaters mommy has bought you!
 You are standing up all by yourself. You love to cruise around the house. Here you are in the kitchen having  a fun time bouncing around.
You can sign the word "please," laugh out loud, love Baby Einstein DVD's, enjoy your gal pals, point and say "hmm" to everything, babble and babble, put your hand to your ear and say "ello" like you have an imaginary i-phone, you want whatever we have including the remote!

You go to bed around 7:30 p.m. and wake up at 7:00 a.m. You look forward to bath time and love stroller rides. You are really into music and started to dance this week. Now you can't stop!

We love you so much sweet girl. Looking forward to the months ahead.

Dates With Dad

Izzy your daddy is so special. He truly believes in your relationship. His hope is that your father/daughter relationship is always special. He adores you and looks to spend time with you every chance he gets. He sends me pictures of what you all are doing sometimes. He is so much cooler than mom. He lets you hold Bernie's leash (mommy won't let you because it is a safety violation in her mind). And you like to listen to music and dance!
In fact, mommy has to be home late some nights from work. That's okay! Your dad and you go on "Daddy/Daughter" dates. You know what? You guys never tell me what you did. It is a secret between the two of you! How fun! You two are the MOST special people in mommy's life. I adore you both.

My dad (your grandpa Bob) would take me on special trips too! Hiking, fishing, swimming....he is the most amazing father. We have a very wonderful relationship. So do you and your dad!

Cheers to father/daughter time and hoping SOMEDAY you will share with mommy what you do!

Come Start Your Day With Birthday Girl Izzy J

Happy birhtday to our sweet little girl Izzy J! We had the best time at your first birthday party. 

All your favorite friends and family members came to spend time wiht you on your specail day.

 Your theme was "morning colors" so what better way then base it off of the sunrise pink and orange? Can you believe we found this skirt and Tingie had your shirt made!
 You had your favorite Gigi cupcakes and treats!
 Everyone walked away with a note you wrote for them and an "Izzy" cookie. How sweet of you to think of your guests!
 We had tiny cereals tied up with string and lots of brunch food.

This tablecloth will be in your life forever! It is a special cloth that Tingie and Bob had made for you.
Our guests also painted wooden blocks for you as a keepsake. You play with them all the time.

I look forward to showing you all the special people that came to your celebration. What a fun morning! Happy birthday sweet girl!

Summer Lovin' Had Me A Blast...Summer Happened So Fast

This past summer of 2012 flew by! There were lots of highlights. Even though we didn't blog through the months, we wanted to catch up on ALL things summer!

 Each June and July OU has an orientation program for freshman called Camp Crimson. They honor an OU faculty or staff member at each camp. This year I was asked to be a "namsake" where the camp is named after you and called your "family." As you can see from the shirts they wore above...I'm the real KD. Who is Kevin Durant anyway?
 Of course I had to have a theme for my presentation. What better way to introduce the students to OU by welcoming them to OZ (lose the "Z" and add a "U") we are not in Kansas anymore! I told the freshman each of them needs a heart, a brain, and courage in college. Then gave examples from my life.
Of course we had to build the emearld city in "OZ." My friends Quy, Kristen, Bridgette, and Michael literally gave so much of their time to help me. Not to mention friends and family coming to Norman for the special occasion. We are off to see the wizard...the wonderful wizard of OU....what a special time.
 Literally the day that camp was out, we headed for a family vacation. We brought Izzy to Texas for a long weekend. Boy oh boy did we have fun. You wouldn't believe the fireworks at the Rangers stadium! Izzy loved the Dallas Aquarium! And we really enjoyed the lagoon pool at our hotel. It was such a fun first family road trip.

Then we celebrated America! USA USA! We went over to our family's home in Edmond. We swam, hung out, ate (the best part), and watched fireworks.
 Our day to day consisted of long walks to the park. We have 3 great parks around our neighborhood. So we take turns visiting them. Izzy loves the swing and to climb on and around all the play equipment.
Even though it was fast; it was a fun and special summer. We loved all our campers that are now part of the "Dawkins" family. Especially our Oreintation Guide Vicky. What a summer that meant so much. Izzy...look forward to what is to come! It will be more than our wildest dreams.

Mom's Mentor Moments

Since God chose you to be the holy people he loves, you must clothe yourselves with tenderhearted mercy, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.

~ Colossians 3:12

Izzy remember that your mom always knew that Christ was the center of her life. Continue to seek him in all you do. He is with us everywhere we go. And what if some days are scarier than others? He says "do not fear." He knew our human minds would need reminding, so he tells us 365 times in his word...once for each day of the year. He wants us to remember to MOVE forward in his love. Do not lean on your own understanding, but his.

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