Thursday, September 29, 2011

Eight Weeks With Milky Face

My sweet "milky face" is eight weeks old today. It has gone by so fast. My mommy friends warned me that time would fly by...and they are right! The main purpose of our blog is to write things down for our family remember years down the road. I want to make sure to kep track of little moments that mean so much. This way Izzy can read this years from now and comment "I did that!"

Izzy you are 8 weeks old today. You love milk. Hince the name "milky face" or "milky milky." I am sure we will have a new name for you soon. Your daddy and I love little nick names.
When I ask "do you want more milky?" you slowly nod your head back and forth like you are saying "yes!" It makes me laugh so hard.
You are sleeping so well. Right now you wake up at 4:00 a.m. and eat, then sleep until 9:00 a.m.!
You like your under the sea adventure toy, swing, and bird mobile in your bed.
You love to smile and the sound of your daddy's voice. Your head turns the moment you hear him walk in the door.
Of course you love to cuddle and be held all day long. You still like when we sing to you and tell you stories. 
In the morning is your favorite time of day. You smile, laugh, and "talk."
You really enjoy your bubble baths.
You adore your chicco backpack walker we strap on the front of us so you can walk with us around the house, run errands, or just stroll around.
I think you are the best baby. You are always well behaved and only cry when you want to be held or are a little hungry.
You are holding your head up really well and your legs are starting to get so strong.
Right before you begin to eat, you breathe really hard because you are so excited to get your milky. You typically eat 4-5 oz at a time.
I can't imagine in another month loving you more than I do right now in this moment...but I know I will. I love you more each day. You make the happiest I have ever been. We thank God for you each night. Before I put you in bed we pray..."Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, keep me safe throughout the night, and wak me up at mornings light...amen!"

We love you sweet Izabelle...Izzy Bell Bell....

Thursday, September 15, 2011

One Month Old

Izabelle is one month old.
She loves her sweet elephant pajamas, the sound of running water, and when we sing to her.
Her favorite song is the "Izzy Song" Scott made up..."Today is the day, Izzy's Day." He started singing it to her the day she was born. Her other likes include the theme song from the Walt Disney Movie "Tangled" that Mandy Moore sings. Before I even knew I was pregnant I went to see that movie with some work friends. There was a mother and daughter there watching it together. I thought "someday I want to take my little girl to the movies!" Little did I know, you were already being created!
You love to eat, sleep, and be held. You are starting to notice Bernie! I think it's because he is black and white and those are your favorite colors right now!
We continue to watch you are truly our bundle of joy. "Today is the day..."

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