Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Night In Norman

This past weekend my friend Kristen, Andrea, and I attended the Junior League of Norman's annual Charity Ball. It was hosted at the Embassy Suites hotel and was simply magnificent. When we walked in they had wall to wall covered with Norman restaurants. I was in heaven when I saw Sweet Basil amongst the group! The other wall was table after table of desserts. I envision heaven to be similar! We went through the hundreds of items in the silent auction, chatted with friends, and mingled to the fun tunes. What a fabulous night in Norman! Cheers to my girlfriends and yummy cupcakes!

Izzy's Big Brothers and Sisters

Scott and I are happy to announce the name of our baby girl....Izabell Jacobson. The "e" on the end of Iz is still up for negotiation, however, I think I will lose! : ) We are calling her Izzy J.
One of the best parts of my job are the students. It is hard for me to express in words what a significant impact they have made. Each student has a special place in my heart. This year in particular, I have gotten closer to each of them, especially as I share this "mother to be" journey. To say they have made it a special time is an understatement. They celebrate with me each day...letting me know how happy they are for Scott and I.
A couple of weeks ago at PCS, Ashley and Alex called me to the front of the room. They called a special  PCS boy and girl forward . One had on a pink button and the other had a blue button. As the rest of the students turned around to face the back momentarily, I read their pink and blue buttons on Grayson and Cayden's shirts. The boy button said "Izzy's big brother" and the girls read "Izzy's big sister." They took a week to hand make buttons for my 108 students! They all turned around at the same time and yelled "congrats!"
To my surprise, they each had a button on and purchased a gift for our sweet girl. I was in awe how thoughtful and sweet this gesture truly was. They each have their buttons on their backpacks they carry around school/campus. Some have them in their rooms and others wear them from time to time.
What a touching and unforgettable evening. I will never forget how special my PCS students made this time in my life. We appreciate their love! Cheers to PCS!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sweet Feet

How is it that you come to realize everything about your unborn child is sweet? When the ultra-sound was in progress Scott and I couldn't get over how far advanced technology is. We would watch her put her fingers in her mouth, twist, turn, and flip a time or two. The best part was when she turned and faced us. It was like she knew she was on camera. Can you imagine our child being shy? There isn't a chance! Almost each day I browse through our 24 pictures I have of our sweet angel.

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Dreams really do come true. I have shared many days with the love of my life, Scott. We met in the winter of 2003 and married in the spring of 2008. We welcomed our sweet bundle of joy to the world August 2011. Izabelle has been a true blessing from our Father. We also have a furry pal named Bernie. I love my family and couldn't be more thankful for friends. My hope is that our blog will help share our days with the ones we love.