Monday, January 30, 2012

Oh Happy Day

I had no idea what my mother, mentors and great gal pals meant when they told me, "You have no idea how big your heart will grow when you have a  child." I know! My heart is full of love for our sweet Izzy J. She is full of joy, happiness, and fun! She makes my days feel like never-never land with Peter Pan. She is always thinking happy thoughts and trying to learn to fly with tinker bell! I love being a mom...Izzy's mom!

3...2...1...Happy New Year

Happy 2012! We had such a lovely evening with family and friends this new years eve. Scott's parents (Nana and Papa) came to Norman so Scott and I could enjoy an evening with friends at one of our favorite Norman spots. We enjoyed time with great friends, fun stories, and cheers to the new year.

Our favorite part of the night was coming home to count it down with our sweet girl Iz. Then we all danced to "This is going to be a good life..." What great blessings to come this year.

Sweet Lord..thanks for Izzy and such a blessed 2011. We can't imagine what you have in store for 2012. 

We Need A Little Christmas Right This Very Minute

This year Christmas was filled with special excitement because of our sweet Izzy J. 

We celebrated Christmas in Clinton...then Piedmont...then at Uncle Doug and Aunt Sara's house. Boy oh boy...did we have a ball. What a joyful time of year. Scott spoiled his girls! And Bernie too. Ho Ho Ho to another fun filled holiday.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Squashy Face

Did I mention how much you love your squash and sweet potatoes? You are such a happy girl, but glow at the mention of food. You seem to talk and talk too! When we ask you what you are eating you jabber right back. We adore you sweet girl. Happy eating! 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Five Months With Izzy J

Izabelle! You are 5 months old. The real question did time go by so quickly? You are growing so big and strong. Right now you really like to stand up on your legs while we hold you in our lap. Just this weekend you rolled from one side of the living room to the other. We lay out big quilts all over the floor for you to roll around and have fun.

For Christmas you got so many new books and toys. Right now you are fascinated by Baby Einstein DVD's and your hard back books.

You are still in 2 size diapers and 3-6 month clothes. I put away all your NB and 0-3 months clothes this past weekend. It made mommy a little said to see how tiny you truly were.

You aren't quite sitting up just yet. You really want to! You are eating rice cereal and love squash and sweet potato. You make the funniest faces not to mention a huge mess when you eat. It makes us laugh.

You never turn down milky, turn your head at the sound of your daddy's voice, stare at Bernie, blow bubbles and laugh, and more than ANYTHING you are the HAPPIEST baby we have ever known. You are all smiles the second we walk in your room in the morning until your eyes close at night.

We love you more than anything...from the moon and back.

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