Sunday, March 27, 2011

Reveal Soiree

Saturday afternoon we had a baby reveal soiree at our home. we had great food, drinks, and a fun cake to show our surprise of a boy or girl. My mom and dad showed up hours before the party to help Scott and I. What in the world would I do without them? My mom brought everything! Went grocery shopping for days...all that to say, she is the BEST kind and generous.  

 Here is our yummy cake we cut into once everyone arrived and ate. What color will the inside be?

 Scott's parents came in pink and blue. David voted for "sugar and spice" and Linda was all for "puppy dog tails and snails."
 Cait and Carley were excited to see if they were going to have a little girl or boy friend. They both voted for a little girl.
 Sara and Doug both voted for blue. Doug didn't know exactly why he voted that way, but said he had a feeling that morning it might have been a little boy.

 Donna has voted for pink since the moment she found out I was pregnant.
 Here is Scott and I thanking everyone for coming...we were overwhelmed by the blessings of our friends and family.
Here we go...
 Sugar and spice makes everything nice....cheers to our little girl on the way!

Bitty and Caleb were able to spend the day with us too! Might I add her 3 year old son Bennett has called her a "she" since the first night we revealed the news to her family. "Will she share her birthday cake with me?" he asked.

Thanks to all our friends and family for spending your afternoon with us! We were so excited to share the news with a sweet cake! I've always wanted a little girl...someday.

Tickled Pink

This past Thursday, March 24th, Scott and I headed to Oklahoma City to find out if we are having a little boy or baby girl. The night before, we headed out to our annual date night. As we were eating delicious Italian food compliments of Othello's, we discussed our hopes for this little baby. No matter if it's a boy or a girl, our hopes were still the same. We want this angel to have a life full of joy and happiness. We want it to find peace and love in the true pleasures in life, not materialism. We hope it finds true friends and lives life to the fullest. As we agreed on all our hopes and prayers for this little one, there was one thing we couldn't come to an agreement on...a little boy name. There are so many names we love, but couldn't find "the one." However, our girl name has been agreed upon BM...before marriage. As we stood up to leave, I had a thought, perhaps we aren't destined for a boy this time around...since we agree on a little girl name...maybe this is a beautiful girl.

The next morning and two bottles of water later, we were  in the Lakeside Women's hospital waiting room. As they called my name we were greeted by the cutest most polite ultrasound tech...Sara (pictured above). As I laid there with warm "goo" oozing off my tummy, Sara looked at Scott and I pretty quickly and said she could tell us the sex of the baby when we were ready. We grabbed hands, and took a deep breath...we were ready! "You are going to have a little's a girl." Scott looked at me as I looked at her little tiny body, and began to cry. How in the world did we get so blessed? A healthy little girl was just moving all around greeting us with happiness! I can't remember the next few minutes because of the state of awe and surprise I was in.

Twenty four pictures sonogram pictures later, Sara gave us both a big hug, and we were on our way...the three of us!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Seinfeld Scene It

A couple of weeks ago we had a Pinecrest Fest at our home. We invited friends over to play Seinfeld Scene It. Scott and his friend Sam (pictured as Jerry above) have been fans of the show for years. We decided to make a fun evening of it.
 Everyone was encouraged to dress as their favorite character. Even though I didn't get a picture of everyone there (including Doug and Sara) I did my best to get some of the highlights.
 Scott and I wore t-shirts we bought in New York at the NBC studios store. Of course Scott would never wear this outside of the house. : )
 "No more soup for you!" This couple did an awesome job.
Cheers to Jerry and friends. We had a great night of food, laughter, and fun. Can't wait until our Disney Scene It party. Scott says it will have to be with my young nieces and nephews. He can't imagine our friends coming over in their favorite Disney characters...well I know Bernie would want to be "Tramp"  from Lady and the Tramp or "Lucky" from 101 Dalmatians. Maybe Someday....

Tinkled Pink for Pinkitzel

 Last weekend, my sweet friend Stacy had her baby shower at the cutest place in Oklahoma City...Pinkitzel. I attached the link so you could see it for yourself:
 They rented a room that was a circus theme. Even the invitations matched perfectly. I couldn't get over how cute the shower was. The cupcakes and chocolate milk were the perfect addition to the afternoon. I am heading back here soon.

Cheers to Stacy and baby Eve coming soon. You are already such a great mom! Thanks for having me to your special day.

Cruisin' Through the Memories

All in all, this was one of our all time favorite vacations. I thought I would talk about the main highlights. 

#1 - The food! As you may realize, we were on a boat that had 24 hour access to delicious food. Of course, I could not stop eating all the fresh fruit...and ice cream!
 #2 - My handsome husband. He is the best person to travel with. He always has such a great selection of music on his i-pod,  wonderful attitude, and thinks I am super funny (even though I know I'm not). I love being around this man.
 #3- The views. We would wake up each morning and hang out on our balcony. The views of the ocean and islands on the horizon were spectacular.
 #4 - Beating to our own drum. When we were in St. Martten we literally explored the island by ourselves.I'm glad we enjoyed each others company and did what we wanted.
#5 - Always scoping out strangers to take photos. Why not? When you return home, you are so glad you did. 
 #6- Night Life- Each evening the boat would have entertainment from the staff. One night we rented movies in our room, another we walked around the ship, regardless of what we did...we had fun.
#7- One of the biggest reasons we went on this trip was to hear and meet Dr. Wayne Dyer. He was on the ship and was able to speak a couple of times. We went to see him of course. He is one of Scott's favorite authors. The funniest thing happened during his talk (in front of 1,000 people). He was giving away his children's books and asked if anyone in the audience was pregnant. I didn't raise my hand of course since we had not told a soul except our parents. Well 30 seconds later no one had raised their hands either! Well I decided to share the great news with our closest strangers! He gave us 4 books, then signed them. We are able to say our first baby gift we received was from Dr. Wayne Dyer. The rest of the trip complete strangers touched my tummy and asked how I was feeling! : )
 #8- Dessert! If you know me, you know I have a sweet tooth. The picture above and below are cakes, fudge, name it. The whole top deck was dessert night (at mid-night) one evening. Scott and I wouldn't have missed it.
 #9 - The arrival home was bitter sweet. This is the morning we docked in Florida. It was such a gorgeous morning. I was so thankful to have made it home safe and sound.
#10- Once we made it to the airport, we realized Oklahoma had a snowstorm 4 out of 7 days that we were gone. Even though I still took them as vacation days, it was refreshing to know we didn't miss much! Cheers to our winter-get-away! We have always wanted to get away "someday" when it's bitter cold at home, but we could go lay in the tropics. 

Winter Vaca Part III

 The last stop was the Bahama Islands. It was by far and away our favorite spot. We could have stayed there for days. It was one of the most beautiful places we have ever seen. 
 We spent most of the day lounging around and walking the beach. Not to mention the fruit they had available. Thinking about the fresh cut watermelon and pineapple they would slice for you, makes my mouth water.

Winter Get-Away Part II

Our second stop was San Juan, Puerto Rico. Scott and I had never been to this island. It was such a fun day. We could definitely head back and stay for a vacation by itself.
The forts that were built in the 1500's were captivating. It is remarkable these people built these huge walls by hand. It was breathtaking. The fields were green, temperature just right, and ocean and sky were perfectly blue. 
 The cemetery located on the island is right by the ocean. It was fascinating. 

 Christopher Columbus landed on this island during his travels and explorations. He has a statue and town square dedicated to him. We hung out here and shopped around while the towns artists gathered their creative works for display. We hung out at an outdoor cafe and had some drinks. Don't worry, I had some refreshing sprite.
Cheers to San Juan! It was beautiful!

Winter Get Away Vaca

This past Christmas, Scott got me the ultimate gift...a cruise to the Caribbean during the winter. I have never been to a warm tropical beach while it was snowing in Oklahoma. We had the best time. I highly recommend getting away around January/February. It was great to sleep in, eat, lay out, then sleep some more! 
Our first stop was the island of St. Maarten. We rented a three wheeler and explored the island by ourselves. It was a great experience. We had lunch, hung out by the beach, and drove around the entire island.
Toward the end of the day we headed to the airport where we heard airplanes fly right over you. We heard it was a sight to see. We barely caught this plane coming in behind us. It was fun!
Scott was brave enough to let me drive...well for about 5 minutes, then my turn was over. : ) We loved St. Maarten. Even though we had been to this island 6 months before, it was a completely different trip with our fun 3 wheel friend.

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