Friday, September 24, 2010

To Shed The Light of Love & Friendship Round Me

Some time ago, a dear friend told me there will be girls you keep in touch with from college, perhaps some you didn't see coming into your life and making a lasting impact. Those are the ones that you are friends with for a lifetime. It has remained indefinite from the transition from college years to "grown up" status. I have learned the power of long distance friendships. Some of my dearest girlfriends have moved away to cities such as New York, Wichita, Tulsa and Houston. One my my confidants is my Alpha Chi college roomie Lauren. We lived together my junior year at OU. Before our living in the "4 girl room" our conversations were mostly "hellos" and "how are you?" Once we lived together we became close and our conversations lasted for hours. Now she is one of my dearest friends. There is a saying about companionship: if you can pick up right where you left off and it feels like there has been no time in between; hold on to that relationship...for it is dear. That always remains true with Lauren and I.

I get to see Lauren every year around this time...and it felt like only a few weeks had passed by. This past weekend we visited all our favorite Norman spots like Cafe Plaid, Birdie, Savvy,Blush, and BJ's restaurant where we at dinner with our sorority sister Heather. Lauren stayed at our home and fell in love with our little Bernie. As you can see he wanted to make a cameo in all the pictures taken. I showed Lauren our dream neighborhood, made home-made cinnamon rolls and watched the movie Bride Wars (one my my favorite parts of the film is the ending quote found below). We chatted about our love for weddings, future families, and old yet fond memories. What a fun weekend with my favorite friends including my first stop to Bitty's home in Edmond to see Bon Bon and her boys. Her new home is absolutely beautiful. And I helped Bennett learn to tell time!

"It was quite a wedding and as I stood there watching I realized something I'd forgotten a long time ago. Sometimes in life there really are bonds formed that can never be broken. Sometimes you really can find that one person who will stand by you no matter what. Maybe you will find it in a spouse and celebrate it with your dream wedding. But there's also the chance that the one person you can count on for a lifetime, the one person who knows you sometimes better than you know yourself is the same person who's been standing beside you all along."

Thank heaven for great girlfriends. I hope to spend many more "somedays" with strong and great women I love. Cheers!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

If They Could See Us Now

Lights, camera, action! Yesterday was a thrill to be at the University of Oklahoma. The local news channel 5 KOCO was out on the south oval for a live broadcast for their 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. shows. They are currently on the road visiting college campuses this week. Of course, OU will be the best! For fun, there were rather large President Boren heads made for the occasion.
The cheer and pom squad, band, and students rolled out for the fun occasion. But the best part of all were our President's Community Scholar Students (I am not biased at all).
Ashley and Alex were able to pose with the news anchor. He was delighted and so thankful PCS rolled out with our special flash mob dance sponsored and choreographed by our great group.
A and A were famous...taking pictures with all sorts of celebs including Boomer!
We had hundreds of students turn up for the flash mob dance. What a success. I am thrilled and proud of my sweet students. Congrats OU for a wonderful showcase of OU pride.

Boomer Sooner...OKU!

This past weekend was Scott and my official opening football weekend in Soonerville. We had the best and most fabulous company to hang out with. My sweet Aunt Sheila, Uncle Michael, Aunt Mary, Mom, Dad, Patch and Cait accompanied us for festive fun. We arrived at Doug and Sara's tailgate for some pre-game food and Sooner cheer. As you can see, we made Patch have some Theta spirit.
We had so much fun at the tailgate and game. After OU won, everyone came over to our home for pizza and lots of goodies. We made our famous brownies, little smokies, dips, fruit, and other yummy food. We had lots of fun catching up and looking through photo books. I loved having all our family gathered in our living room laughing, loving, and spending time enjoying each others company. Cheers to a great weekend with family!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Twinkle Twinkle

This past weekend I celebrated my birthday. I am happy to admit, it was one of the best yet. Birthdays have always seemed magical to me. There is something special and surreal about hearing from all your loved ones throughout the day. It reminds me each year how extremely thoughtful friends and family are.
We started the morning off at Ozzie's Diner. Cait, Scott, and I celebrated with chocolate milk, pankcakes, and hashbrowns. It was yummy. Brunch was followed by a mani/pedi party.

Our sweet friends Al and Billy had their wedding on Saturday evening. If anyone knows me well, they know I love weddings. It was the perfect way to celebrate. A band, dj, and cake..oh my! What perfect presents. We danced the night away not to mention Bitty and my own dance party to Justin Beiber "You Smile, I Smile."
My sweet parents came up for the fabulous occasion. What a fun weekend at the Waterford.
God is gracious and kind. He has blessed me immensaly in these 28 exceptional years. He has brought people in and out of my life that have inspired, loved, and help shape me into who I am. There have been many life lessons, self portrayls, and happy moments in these twenty something years. The best, most special of them all...have been the somedays I have shared with my family, friends, OU collegues, and students. I look forward to many more days to come and birthdays to celebrate. Cheers!

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