Saturday, September 28, 2013

Magical Night With Princess Izzy

Recently Izzy J and I were invited to "Disney On Ice" with Kelli Ann and LilliAnn. I have known Kel for 10 years. She's my little in AXO. They are the most generous fun loving family. We had a spectacular night! 

Izzy dressed like the Tangled Princess.  

It's so true what they say about parenting. Life is so much more spectacular in the eyes of your child. When I watched Izzy throughout the evening my heart was glowing. 

It was one of my favorite nights as a mom. I look forward to Walt Disney World one day. My hope for Izabelle is "if you can dream it, you can do it!" 

Cheers to the Rollins! And our pal Mickey Mouse!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Sweet Something's

It is all too clear. Not how we got here, but the fact that LOVE is all around this sweet girl. 

Whether we spend our Saturday mornings building a garden, or walking our favorite furry pal. Our days are full of giggles and blissful something's.

I did not have a dog growing up. So when people mentioned "man's best friend" I didn't always understand. Our Bernie is not a dog. He is our little Pinocchio because he wants to be a real boy someday.

Izabelle adores him. They spend their days together.

Cheers to these two! I'll love you forever.

Where Have You Been?

My Friend Lauren from Houston was in Norman a couple of weeks ago. On a brisk morning walking to campus corner (one of our favorite spots) she mentioned how she missed my blog. I then realized how I've neglected our "somedays" and needed to pay more attention to putting things down that mattered. Our time together mattered. I look forward to spending more time with my friend Lauren soon. Thank you PT for making me realize that I needed to write more down. Because mostly I truly relish in the present. I miss you and love you. XO

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Dreams really do come true. I have shared many days with the love of my life, Scott. We met in the winter of 2003 and married in the spring of 2008. We welcomed our sweet bundle of joy to the world August 2011. Izabelle has been a true blessing from our Father. We also have a furry pal named Bernie. I love my family and couldn't be more thankful for friends. My hope is that our blog will help share our days with the ones we love.