Thursday, May 3, 2012

Magic Bin

"What is this magical place dad? Thanks for puttting me in here. I love it."

"Hey mom, why are you always taking pictures of me? I am just in a storage bin. What's the big deal?"

Izzy J loves spending time in her magic bin! She loves her toy storage boxes. We put her in there with lots of toys and she will play for almost an hour! The second picture above happens to be my favorite!

Cheers to you in your play bins! One day you won't believe that you fit in there!

What Baby Wants...Baby Gets

The rule of thumb remains true in our always want what you can't have. Well our little girl ALWAYS wants our phone and the remote. She can have a barrel of toys right in front of her, but she would much rather have our "toys" than her own. 

Once she gets the remote, she tends to crawl as fast as she can under her jumper and sit under there and giggle! It is one of those things I don't want to forget "someday."

Guess what mom finally did? Bought you a toy i-phone this week at Target. We love our phone and tv junky!

Fridays With Luke

Miss Izabelle spends time with adults all day. Therefore we try to play with friends as much as possible. Her pal Luke stays home with his mommy and wants play time too!

Luke's mom Sarah is one of our favorite people! We love eating Dara Maries and talking about the babies. We always end up giggling over something they do. It is precious how much they love each other already.

Cheers to you Luke, Sarah, (and Sam). We adore you all. 

Jungle Fever

Recently Izzy started to pull up. She puts that little foot out and really wants to stand. She especially enjoys her new jungle toy. It sings, has a ball maze and lots of fun animals. Izzy bounces up and down when the songs come on!

We love you little monkey!

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